We are trying to get more "remote" than what we currently are. I think it's a very sound strategy for anyone that's part of the software industry, specially if you'd like access to the best team out there you can get.

Lot of folks don't believe in a remote culture, and they keep shouting that not being next to each other leads to an inefficient work environment.

I don't believe that's true. I think it'll probably be more inefficient than having the same team collocated, but it doesn't need to be inefficient at all.

Keep in mind that here we are talking about the same team. If you want to hire from outside that circle, the equation changes really quick: a remote environment with access to the best talent will certainly outperform a collocated one with a limited pool of people to choose from.

So if you have a team that already works from the office, and if you believe that that team will probably be more inefficient working from home, is it a good idea to make them work remotely?

If you want to grow that team, the answer is yes. Even if you aren't planning to add anyone else in the coming years, somebody will probably leave and you'll have to fill that void, and having your whole team working from one place while plugging holes with remote people is always a bad strategy.

Remote work is not just a fad that will go away. Companies that don't embrace it will have to compensate giving something else to stay competitive. The question becomes how much are you willing to pay when the time comes.

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