I'm voting for America

I'm not going to tell you for whom I will vote for on 2016. But maybe you can infer that from this post.

(Sorry for all of you who read my blog for pure technical reasons. This is not about software, but 100% about politics. You're free to skip if you desire.)

I was born in Cuba and endured 28 years of socialism. I did not come to this country just for "economic reasons" like a lot of my fellow countryman did; I came because I believe America is the best country in the world. I wanted to live in a place that fights for the rights of human beings and doesn't push personal agendas or ambitions over the well-being of its citizens. I wanted a place ruled by a common sense economical system and not the equalitarian chimera that has doomed my island for over 5 decades.

So I'm sure you will excuse me if I don't support a government that tries to bring me back to what I want to keep in the past. Today I'm an American citizen, and my vote in 2016 will not help chip away the liberty after which I uprooted my whole life.

I'm an immigrant who came here with pretty much the same as most immigrants: nada. But I didn't just ask the government for money, or free health, or started a fraud ring, or sold drugs. I started working immediately and have been making a decent living for the past 7 years. This country received me with open arms, and I want the same for everyone in the world as long as they come to do honest work and stop living off the rest.

I don't believe in government interfering with businesses in any way or enabling people to rely on welfare. I don't believe in a minimum wage and think free health and education are just nice ideas on paper but completely unreasonable and unachievable (unless you are willing to completely destroy both).

I believe in free speech. Free speech as the way it's meant in the Constitution and not the modern version that some have been trying to create. People should be able to express whatever they want, not whatever "it's appropriate" for them to say.

I believe in the Second Amendment. I'm grateful to be able to protect my family and my home. I'm also grateful to have an answer for anyone trying to do what a dictatorship regime has done in Cuba.

I came here because socialism destroyed my former country. I wanted to live guided by those principles that made this country great and I'd hate for a crooked president to keep destroying everything I came looking for.

But although you can call me "latino" or "Cuban-American", in 2016 I'm voting as another American. I'm looking out for this country, my well-being and my children. I want them to grow with the same rights I've fought really hard to get, and I really don't care who you think I'm supposed to vote for, because I'm voting for America.

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