Sometimes is not just about more time

Of course, the difference between finishing a 4-hour task early or being late is usually about time. "If I can only get another extra hour, I'll wrap it up for sure!"

Time is an integral part of software development (and pretty much everything else), but sometimes we use it a little bit too much to cover for our lack of understanding about processes governing our projects.

When a 6-month project finishes three months late, we can't just blame it on the calendar. It's the easy answer to the problem, I'm sure, but it isn't the real cause for why the project got extended 50% over the original timeline. Time is just the low hanging fruit that everyone loves to use to answer the hard questions.

In the long run, more time is not a solution by itself, but a consequence of needing to execute a different process, or adding another person to the team, or revamping creative work, or focusing more on quality, or spending more on upfront design. Whatever it is, that's what you need to find out; that's the real exercise we need to go through to make sure we properly fix the problem.

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