One of the biggest changes from moving to a management position after being a developer is getting used to having other people do what you've been doing your entire life.

Understanding that you are moving away from doing the work into a leadership role within the team is a big adjustment that came for me with a substantial ration of guilt; not only I started feeling like I was always dumping tasks on other people, but it was hard to feel participant on their victories.

Whenever my team did something remarkable, I felt it was all them. I felt jealous I wasn't part of it and struggled to value my contribution. I was "delegating" tasks after all, and they were doing the hard work, right?

Fortunately, I've learned to give credit to my job as well. It turns out that what I do is important after all! If you are in a management position, your actions will have a profound impact on your team, and their success will be closely related to your ability to guide them.

Think about everything you do for your staff every day, and you'll see there's a direct line connecting your job with their ability to do great things. Even things that appear trivial or disconnected at first will certainly provide support and contribute to your victories.

Today I celebrate with them. I've learned to respect and value my work, which has given me the strength to do it better. Now free of guilt.

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