"Prioritization" as in having a conversation regarding all the tasks assigned to the team and coming up with the best plan to achieve our goals.

After we know what we need to be working on, there are too many times when we pick up something completely random and focus on it. Some people do it by the size of the task; some people take whatever is at the top of their list; some others can't even tell what method they use.

There's a better way; before anything else, you should set up a strategy to tackle your list. The plan will always vary, but it will certainly run laps around the lack of one.

Here are some different questions that you can ask when determining the order of your list:

  1. Is there anything that could potentially change the direction we are going?
  2. Do we need early feedback about anything?
  3. Is there anything that we can quickly complete and forget about it?
  4. Is there a way we can organize the work to maximize the skills of our team?
  5. Is there anything that excites us more than everything else?
  6. Is there anything that will unblock another task?
  7. Is there anything that will unblock another team member?
  8. Is there anything that will facilitate our work on something else?
  9. Is there anything that will increase our confidence going forward?
  10. Is there a way we can organize the work to increase the collective ownership of the project?

Prioritizing work is like solving a puzzle; the order in which you put new pieces down matters a lot.

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