Advancement opportunities

I'm sure you've asked the question before.

From our "Engineering handbook", here are several areas that you can focus on to make sure you achieve success:

  1. Increase your technical competence. Find ways to increase your value to your company by improving your technical skills. From picking up an entirely new language to familiarize yourself with a different section of your project, you should have plenty of room to grow and stretch your abilities. Look at those areas within the technology stack used by your company that most interest you and go for them.

  2. Improve your professional communication. Communication is usually overlooked by engineers when growing their careers. However, it's probably the single most important area we all can improve that quickly pays off. From flawless writing skills to understanding how to communicate with non-technical people effectively, there's a lot to cover that will quickly increase your value to your company.

  3. Improve your problem analysis skills. We solve problems every day. Large or small, every project needs people to come up with solutions that keep the company in the forefront of the industry. Get on the action! Try to improve the way you tackle problems. Ask the reason behind decisions made by other people, and soon you'll be able to contribute your own.

  4. Actively add value and take initiative. This is probably the simplest thing you can start doing right away. Don't wait until somebody tells you what to do. Look, and you'll see how every single thing around you is ripe for disruption, from making your project a little bit better to your workspace more enjoyable.

  5. Become the "go-to person". There's hardly anything else that will get you more attention than becoming the "go-to person" for your projects. Start by focusing on an area that's difficult or annoying and become an expert. Never lose sight of the quality of your work, don't over do it, and be ready to take responsibility when things don't go your way.

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