Engineering values

Having values is something crucial, not only for your social life but also at work, to guide everything you do.

Values are a little bit aspirational, but they are critical to understanding what's important, to guide the decisions we make every day, and to help us grow and create the future we want to develop.

Last week we shared with our team our Engineering Values. They took some time in the making, but I think it was worth it. Hopefully, they will give us a guide to keep growing our team.

Here they are, all ten of them:

  1. A great Software Engineer is passionate about software development. Great engineers have a passion for coding beyond anything else. They are passionate about helping shape the future of the Industry. They are experts in their craft and use it to push the boundaries of what they know.

  2. A great Software Engineer is humble and self-motivated to learn. Great engineers understand the importance of growing their skills. They are willing to leverage existing solutions, listen to others, and keep challenging the status quo to make things better every single day.

  3. A great Software Engineer pursues technical excellence. Great engineers continually try to get better at what they do and the way they do it. They never stop or get complacent. They are their biggest critic and strive to elevate the quality of every facet of their work.

  4. A great Software Engineer share experiences. Great engineers understand the real value of sharing experiences with their peers. They constantly look for ways to make the team around them look better by finding areas where others struggle and supporting them.

  5. A great Software Engineer runs towards problems, not away from them. Great engineers aren't afraid of failure. They look forward to solving difficult challenges as soon as they arise. They never back away from problems, and instead find a way to put themselves right at the front line.

  6. A great Software Engineer has a strong commitment to meet deadlines. Great engineers understand the importance of meeting deadlines. They make sure deadlines are both achievable and understood by the entire team. They help those around them get across the finish line if necessary.

  7. A great Software Engineer upholds a clear standard of quality. Great engineers take a lot of pride on the quality of their work and aren't willing to compromise it under any circumstance. They know how to manage competing priorities to deliver the best possible solution within the imposed constraints.

  8. A great Software Engineer has a "get stuff done" mentality. Great engineers are eager to build things, and they don’t stop until they finish them. They understand the importance of results over the process to achieve them, and while there's value on the latter, they value more the former.

  9. A great Software Engineer criticizes ideas, not people. Great engineers criticize ideas on merit alone and never the people who hold them. They believe that ideas should stand or fall on their own merits.

  10. A great Software Engineer constantly looks for ways to make Levatas a better workplace. Great engineers love their workplace and work together to make it a little bit better for everyone to enjoy. They understand that everything around them exists because somebody made it happen, so they respect it and improve upon it.

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